No-Code Tech Incubation Program

Are you an international student or immigrant currently looking to upskill on globally in-demand no-code tech skills you need to build thriving careers in the diaspora? Apply to be selected among the first 1000 participants of the first cohort of NTCIP

Application closes April 15th


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Weeks of training


Nocode roles

Over 54% of jobs in tech globally are non-technical roles.

There are over 30+ roles in tech that don’t require you to code but it doesn’t make them any easier like most people have found out. NCTIP is designed to help international students and immigrants looking to lay the right foundation to get started in a non-technical career in tech. Over 10K+ professionals will be benefiting from this groundbreaking partnership between Pay4Me and Treford over the next two years. Apply to be part of the first 1000 beneficiaries in the first cohort of NCTIP.

Apply if you belong to the following categories

Prospective & Current International Students and Immigrants. Relocating professionals. Recent grads or early-stage professionals with 0 to 2 years of experience. Working professionals looking to transition from other roles into tech

Career Paths

The training will cut across these career paths: Product Management, Product Marketing, UI/UX Design, Data Analytics, UX Research, Content Marketing


Live onboarding session by leading industry experts to shed more light on different no-code career paths and what it takes to build a successful career on these paths like they have

Key Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to these roles
  • Career possibilities in these roles in Africa and diaspora
  • Key fundamentals required to build successful careers in these roles
  • Navigating interviews for these roles in Africa and diaspora

Vetting Process

At this stage, you will go through foundational courses designed by industry experts and take assessments to evaluate your understanding of these courses. Top students from here will be selected for the live bootcamp cohorts.

Live cohorts

Intensive 12 weeks of learning, live mentorship,projects and exams to equip you with the required skills you need to land your first job or transition into no-code career paths.

Job Placement

Top students who meet all program requirements will be selected for internships and job placements with companies in diaspora to kickstart your careers.


Join a community of other international students, immigrants and professionals in the diaspora, network and build valuable relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Treford is a platform that helps people and businesses gain no-code tech skills through cohort-based live classes, self-paced learning & one-on-one career support.

Pay4Me App is a platform that helps people across Africa complete cross-border payments for products, goods, and services.

No, the program is not free but it is highly subsidized by Pay4me.
No, the program is not free but it is highly subsidized by Pay4me.
No, the program is not free but it is highly subsidized by Pay4me.

The No-Code Tech Incubator Program is a 100% virtual program. The first phase of the program will be taken on the Treford e-learning platform and the second will happen virtually via video conferencing platforms.

Yes, there is a certificate of completion will be issued after a successful completion of the whole program.
You will be redirected to a thank you page and successful applicants will receive an email a week after the application closes on April 15th.

Application closes April 15th

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